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October 30, 2007, 4:22 pm
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Hello everyone, I am Eric Vogel, and was just looking to talk about my visits to the Detroit Zoo!! I was in such a hurry I made my first blog post before posting a welcome post!


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Eric, I just posted a note about the little red elephant keys for the storybook type boxes that they used to have at the Zoo. It has been about 3-4 years since I have been to the D-Zoo, do you know if they still utilize something like this?
It provided me with some great memories as a child, it would be a cool thing if they still did something like that?

Comment by fiveinchmonkey

Hello FiveInchMonkey,

Yes, they still have the zoo Keys. I know they have been upgraded a time or two since I was a kid. I was not a member 3-4 years ago, so un-fortunately I do not know if they are the same ones. They are hibernating till Spring (April when the zoo is operating at 100%).

The animals are still out. Some like the Kangaroo’s are more active now. Kangaroo’s in the warm months only are active in the mornings and evenings and most of it is when the zoo is closed to the public. In the Winter, they move during the warmest part of the day. I have not timed it yet, but around 11a-1p. Last weekend I was more concerned staying warm in the entrance. Not much is closed. (Train, Playground, many food places (Not all), and Feeding the Giraffes).


Comment by dzoovoleric

That is cool that they still use those. Like I noted on my blog, they provided some really nice memories. It sounds like the Zoo is doing well, and I am really glad to hear that. I appreciate all of the information, and I look forward to more of your words.
Thanks, FIM

Comment by fiveinchmonkey

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