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My Trip to the Zoo December 30th, 2007

I was lucky enough to get my camera really close to a still butterfly:

Det Zoo 123007_0029

The butterfly was facing backwards so I had to reach around around with my arm. I wish I could have gotten the face better, but I think it is a very nice pic. And thanks to the comment on this photo on Flickr, you know who you are!

I never checked out the room to the left in the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, after seeing people below the fish tank and was pleasantly greeted by this going in that room.

Det Zoo 123007_0002

I also found this very beautiful picture on the wall. You loose some in the photograph

Det Zoo 123007_0003

I even found wild coffee growing in the butterfly garden for us coffee lovers!

Det Zoo 123007_0005

More butterfly pictures

Det Zoo 123007_0022

Det Zoo 123007_0013

Det Zoo 123007_0031

And one from the aviary: (Scarlet Ibis)

Det Zoo 123007_0053

I have more to post, but I do not want to make this too long. I will post again within the next several days, one includes a non-native bird to the zoo.


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