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Detroit ZooMance tonight was Wonderful!! 7/24/08

 I sure hope they do it again next year, and hopefully more than one!! With more advertising this event should become even more popular! It was nice not having kids at the zoo. Nice and quiet. (ZooMance is 21+ also for the bar by Rackham Fountain.)

I took a ton of pictures, but have to be at work early so I will post them later. I got some new pics and video’s of things I never saw there before and was treated to.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0002
Here are the Male and Female Blue Swallow Tanager’s on the trellace in front of the Chrysalis. Notice all the greenery gone? So tragic it was cut down.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0008
A bunch of new White Morpho’s born and released! Looks like a bunch, come quick! I hear their adult life span is 1 week!

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0037
The Camera was on a round standing table with a black table cloth, on the right is one of the tables with umbrellas from by the ZooFari Market. The white tent was where the booze was. Of course, you could walk around too!

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0038

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0066
The Arctic Fox’s where out digging and kind of playing.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0088
The two Rhino’s in a interesting pose!!

More to come and there are more even better than these!! Stay tuned!!


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