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Detroit Zoo Visit 4/23/2010

Hello everyone,

This is my first full visit to the zoo since late Summer of last year. I did a mini visit last month, but I do not count that lol.

Here are my photos from today. I am way way behind in posting my pictures.

I have obtained a Canon EOS 10D with a 75-300mm lens. Most are from this camera, the other from my tiny wonder Canon SD1100. To see more, please visit my flicker account. To see a bigger picture click on it. (Then you can browse my other pictures too.)

The turtle further up on the left opened his mouth.

Det Zoo 042310_0004

Det Zoo 042310_0005


What is that new contraption you are holding? Why it is my Canon EOS 10D.


Ducks and Geese are active with breading season. Random take off’s and chases. I was lucky to catch part of them.





Looks like it is time for Bowling for Rhino’s Again!!













Taken from Kihigi Cafe on the other side of the Ford Education Center as I waited for my Minute Made Frozen Lemonade.

I forget exactly a girl was starting to chase them or just me near by so he started squawking or hissing at her and towards us.


Please go to my Flickr Account to se more.


Detroit Zoo Trip 3/20/08
February 21, 2009, 9:18 pm
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Hello everyone,

Trying to catch up here, LOL!

Det Zoo 42008_0001

Det Zoo 42008_0003

Det Zoo 42008_0006

Det Zoo 42008_0007

Det Zoo 42008_0008

To see some video fo the ZooKeeper’s Target Training and working on the seals, please click here:
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Detroit zoo trip 4/11/08
May 1, 2008, 9:38 pm
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Det Zoo 41108_0001

Det Zoo 41108_0003

Det Zoo 41108_0004

Det Zoo 41108_0005

Det Zoo 41108_0006

Det Zoo 41108_0007

Det Zoo 41108_0008

Detroit zoo visit 3/29/08
April 26, 2008, 11:00 pm
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Det Zoo 032908_0016

Kangaroos get some treats. (Enrichments)

Det Zoo 032908_0010

Yes, we like to be playful to each other.

Det Zoo 032908_0009

Det Zoo 032908_0008

Candadian Gees-a-roo’s

Det Zoo 032908_0007

Spring is here in the Outback!

Det Zoo 032908_0006

A BIG Kangaroo!! “What do you want? I am trying to sleep.”

Det Zoo 032908_0004

Det Zoo 032908_0003

Detroit zoo visit 3/15/08
March 23, 2008, 5:25 pm
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I was working in the outback and I was able to get great Wonderful shots. Some I never seen the kangaroo’s do, and even some enrichment for them.

Det Zoo 031508_0002

As he sits on the side of the hill, Who is coming around the bend?

Det Zoo 031508_0007

The one on the far left is our latest baby Kangaroo. ~14 months old. Her name is Rae!

Det Zoo 031508_0015

Det Zoo 031508_0009

Det Zoo 031508_0017

Someone got a bit of training and a nice little bed. But I believe that one left and this one wanted to nap on the bed instead.

Det Zoo 031508_0026

The head zookeeper put some lettuce on the ground for them to eat.

Det Zoo 031508_0025

Det Zoo 031508_0024

Det Zoo 031508_0020

Det Zoo 031508_0019


Det Zoo 031508_0018

I never knew they liked sitting on their tails. (and sometimes scratching / cleaning them).

More pictures from my visit on 12/30/07

I am not sure what these are, but they are pretty much in a line up eating!

Det Zoo 123007_0119

I believe this is a Blesbok

Det Zoo 123007_0120

Snow Monkey’s sit outside their heating pool!! looks inviting!!

Det Zoo 123007_0122

Det Zoo 123007_0125

Det Zoo 123007_0124

Rarely does a Leemer that’s outside sits long enough and poses for you! 2 other people commented about him posing for me.

Det Zoo 123007_0130

The wolverine was nice enough too!!

Det Zoo 123007_0133

Kangaroo’s were out enjoying themselves.

Det Zoo 123007_0135

The zoo had a visitor today. Some kind of hawk by the Bison.

Det Zoo 123007_0137

Det Zoo 123007_0138

I have now posted all my pictures from this trip! I will move on to the next. There are a few I left out for a special post coming soon from this visit so stay tuned!!

First Day Volunteering in the Australian Outback Adventure
November 19, 2007, 8:38 pm
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On my way to the Outback, The Eagles were posing for me so I stopped by to say hi and take a picture.

Det Zoo Vol 111807 001

The Wallaby’s don’t usually do not hang out together so this is a rare treat.

Det Zoo Vol 111807 007

Here are the pictures of the Momma and the Joey, and a bit before Mom moved a tad towards me then, then charged me a bit. Then crossed the path with the Joey who ran in the Wallaby housing and when I was walking toward the entrance and was talking the other volunteer the Momma came around the back parameter and was on the side of the Entrance to greet me. When I finished explaining the volunteer , quickly went in the double door entrance and slammed the gate closed. She said she would take all our stuff to the exit and meet us there. I want to note the charge happened a bit after the picture taking (no flash) and was probably me standing there and looking at the Joey alot. I was standing as far away from her as I could while still staying on the path. Next time they are close to the ropes, I will definitely keep a bit more distance and move down the path towards the entrance by about 4 feet.

Det Zoo Vol 111807 011

Det Zoo Vol 111807 013

Feel free to use the Flicker side bar to see more pictures.