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Detroit Zoo’s Eagles Have Landed in New Lakeside Nest
November 18, 2008, 9:24 pm
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Detroit zoo trip 4/11/08
May 1, 2008, 9:38 pm
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Det Zoo 41108_0001

Det Zoo 41108_0003

Det Zoo 41108_0004

Det Zoo 41108_0005

Det Zoo 41108_0006

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Det Zoo 41108_0008

Detroit Zoo visit 2/16/08 Part 3 of 3
February 27, 2008, 9:58 pm
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DetZoo 21808_0062

The storks were resting near the camels this time.

DetZoo 21808_0063

Not sure what these are and are with the camels.

This is our male Siberian Tiger. The two females have to be kept separate, so the ladies are out in the day, and the male in the evening and night. The zookeeper said she hid a treat in the front corner. But, he briefly sniffed and roamed around looking or walking. He never got it when i was there. I asked what it was and it she said it was like gross hamburger kind of like horse meat.

DetZoo 21808_0070

DetZoo 21808_0071

DetZoo 21808_0072

DetZoo 21808_0080

DetZoo 21808_0081

DetZoo 21808_0082

DetZoo 21808_0088

DetZoo 21808_0089

DetZoo 21808_0090

DetZoo 21808_0091

Someone is tired. zzzzZZZZZ

DetZoo 21808_0092

A close up of a seal tail.

DetZoo 21808_0093

Zoo keepers doing something. Probably feeding them.

DetZoo 21808_0097

DetZoo 21808_0100

DetZoo 21808_0101

DetZoo 21808_0102

DetZoo 21808_0104

DetZoo 21808_0105

This is the last installment from this trip. I do have some from another trip. Please stay tuned.