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Detroit Zoo Visit 4/23/2010

Hello everyone,

This is my first full visit to the zoo since late Summer of last year. I did a mini visit last month, but I do not count that lol.

Here are my photos from today. I am way way behind in posting my pictures.

I have obtained a Canon EOS 10D with a 75-300mm lens. Most are from this camera, the other from my tiny wonder Canon SD1100. To see more, please visit my flicker account. To see a bigger picture click on it. (Then you can browse my other pictures too.)

The turtle further up on the left opened his mouth.

Det Zoo 042310_0004

Det Zoo 042310_0005


What is that new contraption you are holding? Why it is my Canon EOS 10D.


Ducks and Geese are active with breading season. Random take off’s and chases. I was lucky to catch part of them.





Looks like it is time for Bowling for Rhino’s Again!!













Taken from Kihigi Cafe on the other side of the Ford Education Center as I waited for my Minute Made Frozen Lemonade.

I forget exactly a girl was starting to chase them or just me near by so he started squawking or hissing at her and towards us.


Please go to my Flickr Account to se more.


Detroit Zoo Visit 7/29/08
February 23, 2009, 9:15 pm
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Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0003
Owl Butterfly

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0013

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0015

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0026
Common Blue Morpho

Look carefully at the next to for the Peruvian Sheer tail Hummingbird

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0028
Here is is getting nectar from a flower (weed).

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0032
Here he is sitting in the Guava Tree.

Det Zoo 072908 Chrysler Bash_0036
A Owl Butterfly on my head. Please excuse the bad picture. I took the picture.

Detroit Zoological Society Offers Gift Cards and Other “Wild” Holiday Gift Ideas

Madame Butterfly Flutters Into Detroit Zoo November 8
November 3, 2008, 9:36 pm
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Detroit ZooMance tonight was Wonderful!! 7/24/08

 I sure hope they do it again next year, and hopefully more than one!! With more advertising this event should become even more popular! It was nice not having kids at the zoo. Nice and quiet. (ZooMance is 21+ also for the bar by Rackham Fountain.)

I took a ton of pictures, but have to be at work early so I will post them later. I got some new pics and video’s of things I never saw there before and was treated to.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0002
Here are the Male and Female Blue Swallow Tanager’s on the trellace in front of the Chrysalis. Notice all the greenery gone? So tragic it was cut down.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0008
A bunch of new White Morpho’s born and released! Looks like a bunch, come quick! I hear their adult life span is 1 week!

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0037
The Camera was on a round standing table with a black table cloth, on the right is one of the tables with umbrellas from by the ZooFari Market. The white tent was where the booze was. Of course, you could walk around too!

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0038

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0066
The Arctic Fox’s where out digging and kind of playing.

Det Zoo 072408 ZooMance_0088
The two Rhino’s in a interesting pose!!

More to come and there are more even better than these!! Stay tuned!!

Detroit Zoo Visit 3/8/08

I found a previous visit I did not post. I will post last weekends a little later in the week.

I only had my cell phone with me, so please excuse the small low quality pictures.

Det Zoo 030808_0002

This one took a liking to me. He / she was fluttering around me alot.

Det Zoo 030808_0007

Det Zoo 030808_0004

My outdated bird guide for the aviary I got on clearance last year does not list the bird above. She / he was not too timid and let me get close. The ducks below are White-faced Whistling-Duck.

Det Zoo 030808_0005

I will see if I can buy a new updated one along with the butterfly garden so I can post what they are.

Detroit Zoo Visit 2/19/08
February 17, 2008, 11:08 pm
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The Outback was closed today due to the trail being icey / slushy. So I decided to go to the zoo.

DetZoo 21808_0034

Swallow Tanger

DetZoo 21808_0026

DetZoo 21808_0025

DetZoo 21808_0019

DetZoo 21808_0008

DetZoo 21808_0006

DetZoo 21808_0005

DetZoo 21808_0001

DetZoo 21808_0014

I was finally able to get the new Humming Birds. My older Olympus seems to do a better job than the newer HP in the Butterfly Garden.

DetZoo 21808_0012

DetZoo 21808_0010

More photos to come. The new upload tool for Flickr only uploaded the first seventeen photos I took. I will upload them soon and post the best ones here.