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Detroit Zoo Honored for Conservation of Great Lakes Piping Plover


Macaw’s are in a new temporary exhibit!
August 21, 2008, 6:28 pm
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They can now be found in the exhibit where the Eagle’s and Aardvark’s are.

DetZoo 21808_0054

Detroit Zoo Visit 3/8/08

I found a previous visit I did not post. I will post last weekends a little later in the week.

I only had my cell phone with me, so please excuse the small low quality pictures.

Det Zoo 030808_0002

This one took a liking to me. He / she was fluttering around me alot.

Det Zoo 030808_0007

Det Zoo 030808_0004

My outdated bird guide for the aviary I got on clearance last year does not list the bird above. She / he was not too timid and let me get close. The ducks below are White-faced Whistling-Duck.

Det Zoo 030808_0005

I will see if I can buy a new updated one along with the butterfly garden so I can post what they are.

Detroit Zoo Visit 2/16/08 part 2

DetZoo 21808_0049

This cannot really be seen, but the two parrots were further away from me and the came closer to the left and up the tall branch (second picture down) to come visit me. I did talk to them a little, maybe that is why.

DetZoo 21808_0046

DetZoo 21808_0054

DetZoo 21808_0057

DetZoo 21808_0058

DetZoo 21808_0038

My Trip to the Zoo December 30th, 2007

I was lucky enough to get my camera really close to a still butterfly:

Det Zoo 123007_0029

The butterfly was facing backwards so I had to reach around around with my arm. I wish I could have gotten the face better, but I think it is a very nice pic. And thanks to the comment on this photo on Flickr, you know who you are!

I never checked out the room to the left in the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, after seeing people below the fish tank and was pleasantly greeted by this going in that room.

Det Zoo 123007_0002

I also found this very beautiful picture on the wall. You loose some in the photograph

Det Zoo 123007_0003

I even found wild coffee growing in the butterfly garden for us coffee lovers!

Det Zoo 123007_0005

More butterfly pictures

Det Zoo 123007_0022

Det Zoo 123007_0013

Det Zoo 123007_0031

And one from the aviary: (Scarlet Ibis)

Det Zoo 123007_0053

I have more to post, but I do not want to make this too long. I will post again within the next several days, one includes a non-native bird to the zoo.

11/4/07 Zoo Trip

I went to the zoo yesterday. I decided to leave home my HP PhotoSmart R727 6.x MP 3x Digital Camera for my Olympus 4MP Digital Camera with a 10x zoom to be able to see if I could capture the animals better with the zoom and hope the engine in the camera was better. It seems to be in most areas, but certain lighting conditions caused blurriness with the optical zoom over around 5x.

The hummingbirds are back at the zoo and got some really good shots with them there.

DetZoo 11407_0011

The Prairie Dogs were out in full force today too!

DetZoo 11407_0133

DetZoo 11407_0134

The Wolverine’s were decked out for the MSU and U of M game! Even caught one standing up when a zoo keeper went by in a bike.

DetZoo 11407_0139

DetZoo 11407_0140

I had a long pleasant talk with the two Australian Outback along with the Zoo Keeper Director. Got one sleeping here and the one by the barrow is the youngest baby.

DetZoo 11407_0126

DetZoo 11407_0129

Even the Bears want to play!!

DetZoo 11407_0120

Leamers are almost always moving and are not in a good posing position. This one gave me the opportunity. Even someone commented he/she did.

DetZoo 11407_0091

The Tigers were busy getting ready to pose then people watch then I am sure do what all cats do, sleep.

DetZoo 11407_0079

Then off to the Aviary/

DetZoo 11407_0058

DetZoo 11407_0048

These are kind of skiddish, but with their red eyes they kind of have a prehistoric personality. If I had a bad dream with birds attacking it would be these.

Then last but not least the Butterfly Gardens.

DetZoo 11407_0030

DetZoo 11407_0019

DetZoo 11407_0018

DetZoo 11407_0015

DetZoo 11407_0030

DetZoo 11407_0029

DetZoo 11407_0034

DetZoo 11407_0023

DetZoo 11407_0022

DetZoo 11407_0013

DetZoo 11407_0012

I did not go in the order of the way I went through the zoo. Please use the flicker thing on the left to go to my account and look at the rest I took. I hope I can get more people interested in the zoo and to come and visit and for though’s who cannot, can from their comfort of their own home. Please help promote this site! I would like to see this site get some regular visitors. – Eric